Saying Goodbye to Char Eats Greens + The Details

Hey all and happy Friday!!

So from the January “Getting Organized” Challenge, I had mentioned that I would launch my new blog on the 31st. Seeing as that is tomorrow and also a Saturday, I was thinking that I’ll wait until Monday. Plus, that gives me a little extra time to make sure I even know what I’m doing/get some final touches done. I’m very excited and nervous all at once.

So for those of you that are wondering why the change. Well, I just felt like it was time. I feel like I’ve kind of outgrown this space. Although I still love eating greens, I didn’t want it to be the main focus. Plus, my name being in my blog name really started bugging me more recently (unless I was working with my legit full name for it…I know, I’m so weird!). So, here’s one small hint for the new blog: it doesn’t include ‘Char’! (Huge hint, haha!)

I’ve had the idea for the new blog since back in the summer, so it’s been a half year in the making, and one that I’m excited about.

I’ll explain more in my BRAND NEW post on Monday, so until then, can we all just say a little goodbye to Char Eats Greens, and give it well wishes?

What you can expect for Monday: If you type in this blog URL or click on an old link, it will (hopefully) just redirect you to the new site. I will also update all my social media accounts come Monday as well. But, does anybody know if you can update a URL in Bloglovin’? From what I’ve seen, you can only add a new blog to your account, not change/alter one. So does that mean that all my follows have to manually click ‘follow’ on my new blog? If so, that’s a pain in the butt (and I think will likely result it no one doing it, haha).

I just want to say that it’s been fun! And it’s not even like a ton is changing (just a name and look of the site) because all of my old blog posts have been imported.

And if you ever need help designing and switching URLs, just let me know. I’ve done the grunt work in this whole process. What that means is expect a TON of faulty errors, haha.

Thank you for all your support and see you on the other side! RIP, CEG!

Char Eats Greens Header  Dec 2014


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