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So, yesterday I got my hair highlighted. I normally go every three months, but this time, I waited a bit longer just out of a) laziness, and b) not wanting to travel to get my hair done (I normally go to see my hairdresser who lives 1.5 hours away in Hamilton).

But then my friend who is one in Toronto was offering some mad deals, plus I haven’t seen her in a long time, so I decided to travel the distance to Toronto instead of Hamilton!


Getting to Toronto can be a pain in the butt though because I swear there’s something always going on (whether it be construction, an accident, or just traffic), so I gave myself a few extra minutes just in case (and got Starbucks, which is probably a given).

In my driving adventure, I was flipping through the stations on satellite and stumbled upon a gem. You might not know this, but I’m a closet Tom Petty fan and lucky for me, the classic rock station was exclusively playing Tom Petty for his new album release.


Made my drive go smoother with all my big city anxiety I get. Because I actually don’t really love Toronto that much so I was just glad that I arrived on time after passing two fender benders, a lot of construction, and circling the blocks finding a spot to park. (See, my anxiety has legit reasoning, right?)

My friend, Emily, sure did work her magic and made me a blondie again so it was worth the drive! (I have more to say about her salon next week because you need to know about it!)


I did have some bad timing going home though because I was leaving with half of the city trying to escape work.

At least only moving an inch every few minutes allowed me to take this cool picture:


And, then I eventually made it home. I think I’ll wait at least a month until going back down there again. I need time to recovery from my small city problems.

Today we’re actually driving to Tyler’s parents’ house for the long weekend, which only means one thing: more Tom Petty radio. Oh, and (hopefully) a lot of boating.

Any big plans this weekend?

Any bands/artists that others might be shocked to learn you like?! Nobody judge my obsession to Justin Bieber a few years back…


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