learning to #fuelyourbetter after workouts

Happy Friday! The weekend is just around the corner, but before you relax, let’s just get active for a second because I wanted to talk today about workouts and fueling properly. Both of which I used to not pair together very well. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed running and working out, but I never used to put much thought into the fueling part. Which is bad. It’s pretty careless to think that the body can handle a workout/run/sweat session without the proper care it deserves before, during, and after. 

This is why I really needed to learn how to fuel better; to give my body what would actually help it. And so my journey began…

wall balls #fuelyourbetter

It actually took me a while to formulate this post (i.e.: until I was actually doing better) because I had to change my outlook on when to fuel myself. I more often than not set the bar really high and discredit myself whenever I can. Why would I need to “recover” after only a 30 minute workout? I’m only out for a ‘short’ run, so eating and drinking can wait until later. This was bad logic and I think even I knew it. Plus, for one of my clients’, I give her post-workout ideas, so why not myself?

So, I started taking small steps. Looking at the scenarios. Giving credit where it was due.

I’m still a work in progress, but I started viewing the different areas where I could potentially use some help, since I wasn’t doing it on my own.

The one I wanted to focus on here is post-workout since it’s where I’ve made the most improvement (and used to slack the most in).

Had you talked to me three years ago, you would have found me running 9 milers, coming home, and simply eating when I was hungry without considering macronutrients. No recovery. No focus on high protein for muscle repair.

Give me a time machine and I would gladly go back and kick my own butt. 

Since that’s not an option, I did the second best thing: I made a change.

Post-workout has always been my frenemy; I’m really not a protein powder user at all (I’d rather use whole plant-based foods, such as hemp and spirulina, over a powdered protein option), and given that it’s the quickest and most convenient post-workout option, I would still skip it. 

But now I’m smarter. (Or, at least working on it.)

I bar up.

Vega Sport protein bars, to be exact. 

Vega Sport protein bars - chocolate peanut butter

I now use them after short and long runs. 60-minute and 30-minute workouts. Even after I haven’t exactly done a workout, but kept myself busy and moving all day long (whether, walking a golf course or hiking, or motoring around town to run errands for hours).

#fuelyourbetter by hiking

Because I now understand what it means to fuel yourself when you need to. To #fuelyourbetter, if you will. They’re the easiest solution to overcoming the barrier I had between working out and taking in something post-workout. 

#fuelyourbetter by stretching

It’s also a bonus that the flavours are awesome, like chocolate peanut butter. (As if I needed another excuse to eat that combo.) And, they don’t have that funky taste that keeps me from using protein powders. They kind of taste like dessert to me, so all the more reason to workout and ‘reward’ myself with one afterwards.

#fuelyourbetter post-workout

Now that I’m understanding how important it is to recover after a workout, my body is thanking me, too. Letting me snap back quicker, so I can get to the next workout sooner (like last week). Because if there’s anything I don’t want to do, it’s to mess with the workout success I’ve been achieving lately. 

You can actually catch me fueling my better tomorrow after I run the Color Me Rad in Hamilton with the hubby. The challenge is on to get as colourful as I possibly can. I also want to make it a fun, family event and not worry about the time it takes to complete the race. Because post-workout recovery is even better when you enjoy the journey that brought you to it.


Question: Is there anything holding you back from becoming better?

2353 FuelYourBetter 800x800 v5


Disclosure: I received this product to try for free as a Sweat Pink Ambassador in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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