where do you find your sanity?

So, I’ve disappeared for almost a week, but it’s only because I value my sanity. The sanity that seems to make seldom appearances lately. I don’t think you ever really have a clue about how precious sanity (or maybe steering clear of insanity?) is until you’ve had a child. 

Like anything, good things and then bad things come in waves. I just find that the bad waves have become a bit bigger and overwhelming for me lately and too much to even express on here (and plus, I really am not a Debbie Downer, even if I’m experiencing some problems – I know I’ll work through them in given time!).

I try to remain some balance by doing things that make me feel good, and thus, keep my sanity in check. Since it’s almost Easter, let’s think of sanity like an Easter egg hunt; hiding out in special places for you to find. Here are my special places that I tend to find my sanity:

1. In running

The whole exercising for endorphins thing is totally bang on the money (who would have thought!). Running just so happens to be that form of physical activity that takes me to my happy place. I actually ran all 7 days last week (which thankfully my body didn’t disown me for doing), and I’m happy to say that it did not turn me off from wanting to run – it made me want to keep running, more and more.

IMG 5994

I even took Nia out on a stroller run once last week.

IMG 5977

Even though I totally benefit from getting out alone, it’s also nice to get Nia out for some fresh air, and perhaps it’s a nice break for her, too!

2. In eating dessert

There’s no way my sanity would ever exist without dessert; it’s just how I roll. We pretty much always have something after dinner, whether coconut milk ice-cream, a cookie, some chocolate, or last night was strawberry shortcake.

IMG 2628

For how hard I work with a toddler all day, why yes, I reward myself with dessert. Sure, balance is key, but if something that makes me feel better is at the cost of balance, then I’m tipping the scale! Plus, I try to make my desserts as healthy as possible. (‘Natural’ sugars make it better for you, right?)

3. In getting away

I’ve been hiding some info from you guys. Now, although I can’t divulge everything, here’s the gist: home is not where my heart is right now.  That’s why getting away is pretty restorative for my sanity. Like this past weekend, Tyler was out of town, so I took Nia to my grandparents’ house, and they just so happen to live on the water.

IMG 5981

I can’t argue with that view, especially since I was feeling extra frustrated/upset at home before this. Although it only temporarily relieves some of stress, that temporary feeling really did help in the overall scheme of things. And hopefully some other things can change soon.

4. In my child

Although having a toddler and being responsible for this tiny person 24/7 is the reason a lot of my sanity is missing, it’s also the reason I am sane. Does that even make sense? It’s pretty much a “catch 22,” let’s just put it there.

IMG 2646

It’s that face that keeps me smiling when I just feel like crying – especially when she’s figuring out her new sparkly shoes.

IMG 2588

IMG 2589

IMG 2595

But really, what would life be without a little insanity, you know? We’ve all been there and we’re still surviving! It is nice to know that there are keys things that can help, like the four above do to ward of some of the ‘insane in the membrane’ installments that creep up on me in trying times though. It’s these little breaks that help me from getting stuck in the undertow of the insanity waves.

Now your turn; like my post title asks, where do you find your sanity?!


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