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Hey guys! We are officially on our way back from Vegas. Luckily no loans were taken out of Nia’s college fund, memory of all days are intact, and sleep-deprivation is actually at a minimum. Geez, we sure know how to live it up, don’t we?

Tyler and I actually hit up The Strip on Wednesday night after I picked him up from the airport (he was at a conference in San Diego since Sunday). We chose to go to Aria and had a great time. I put $20 in the slots and made it up to $80(!!), and we sipped on mojitos while we hit it big (kind of). We decided to have fun no matter what happened and that’s totally the attitude you need going into those casinos, otherwise they’ll swallow you up whole!

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Getting away from Vegas, I thought I would try something new this week. I’ve seen variations of it on the ol’ world wide web before, but here’s my take on summarizing interesting posts I’ve found throughout the week. In spirit of it being Halloween tonight, you can find a lot focused around that. Hope everyone stays safe trick or treating tonight, and I’ll send you my address to pass along the goodies (we will be on a flight coming in late, so no trick or treating around here for us this year!).

Enjoy the following!

Five cute nut-free Halloween treats for your kids. (I would love to veganize them!)

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And because I’m that person, how to have a green Halloween.

Funny Halloween video: Men trying on ladies’ sexy halloween costumes. This cracked me up.

And please tell me that you’re just as interested to see what Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume will be this year. Here’s a slideshow of her past yearsStill love her skin costume a few years back the most.

For coffee lovers: What kind of coffee should I make in my french pressPhew…I’m doing ok with mine.

Vertical pictures do better for pinning, so this tutorial walks you through how to turn a horizontal photo into a pin-friendly vertical one using PicMonkey.

How to Make a Horizontal Photo a Pinterest friendly Vertical Photo using PicMonkey cover

Something I found very interesting and inspiring for moms: 13 celeb moms who shared their breastfeeding selfies.

A pretty impressive Daniel Radcliffe rapping the ‘Alphabet Aerobics’. I can barely say my child’s name without stumbling over it.

Lauren Conrad’s style guide to investment pieces in your wardrobe.

And a throwback to what I was doing a year ago today/last Halloween day: Oh, you know, just delivering the biggest nutrition presentation of my university career. Glad that I aced that thing!


Have a great Friday and a great weekend, everyone!! xo




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