(long) weekend recap: i should really take more pictures

“Weekend recap.” I know what you’re thinking – it’s Tuesday…evening. But, that’s why I added LONG in front, and that makes it all better (and gives me some wiggle room). And, HAPPY EARTH DAY!! I totally failed on this one. It was one of those days where I thought about it leading up to it, then once the day actually came, I was like ‘ohhhh, riiiiight.’ I did manage to get my freebie from Starbucks for bringing in a tumbler though! And, I did find this nifty chart today:


So, happy belated Easter? I feel like I keep saying this – we kept it low key – but next year we’ll do something bigger because Nia will be older and have a better understanding (like say, for an Easter egg hunt?). We did manage to get to my grandparents’ house on Sunday for dinner and then decided to stay over night because I’m so partial to the Oakville/Burlington area (they pretty much live right on the border that separates these two towns, which is why I have an affinity for both).

But, in true bad blogger fashion, I failed to take pictures. I only took one (horrible) selfie. 

IMG 2752

And, one of the cake we picked up. That counts for something, right?

IMG 2758

Organic, vegan carrot cake, FTW.

I need to try making a vegan carrot cake soon. It’s been on my baking list for a while, but have yet to do it. Actually, because I’m lacking on the pictures from this past weekend, how about this: a throwback to Tyler’s birthday 3 years back (and before I was vegan), which was the last time I made carrot cake. 

IMG 3479

I was just telling my grandma yesterday that I wish I would have bookmarked where I got this recipe from because it was amaaaazing (and I’m pretty sure I could have veganized the recipe, had I saved it).

IMG 3483

And, I think if I was techy enough to zoom in, that’s the recipe on my computer screen in the background haha.

So back to the weekend…right. Apart from Sunday, the rest of the weekend was spent hanging with Nia, stupidly going to the grocery store the day before Easter Sunday (and taking a million years to find a parking spot), and baking.

I also took amazingly embarrassing pictures of Nia reading a book on her potty, but I’ll spare those pictures, for her sake. Minus this one because it’s from the neck up, so no one even needs to know she’s naked ;).

IMG 2736

And then late last night, I’m glad that the husband somehow convinced me to go to the gym with him to do a workout. I was very hesitant, but his persistence made it hard for me to stay home. I’m glad he made me go because it was worth it. I knew I married him for a reason!

Photo 9

We did a 10 minute 15-10-5 reps of: wall balls, pull-ups, (snake) push-ups, and med ball cleans (for me). Short. Sweet. And just want I needed to make me feel better after a dessert-filled weekend. Actually, the workout from last night is inspiration for an upcoming post I have on cardio & strength training. Be on the lookout.

The husband also had today off of work and we took a trip to Newmarket because he had a fun gig to do at lululemon. I know, I want to be him, too!

Question: How was your weekend? Did you have the whole thing off? Were you with family??


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