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IMG 5337

It arrived Wednesday morning, and yes, we did end up going with the sectional – as you might have guessed from the obvious picture above ;)! We went to test some out last week, and we finally put the order in for this one on Saturday, but delivery wasn’t until Wednesday. So if you ever need tips on how to live without furniture to sit on for a week and a half, I’m your girl ;).

IMG 5340

So many pilloooooows!

IMG 5342


2. Nia’s birthday is THIS weekend, so I need some help deciding what to make (and slowing down time so she just never ages). I always jump to the dessert portion of feeding people, and forget that actual food is probably a good idea as well. Any input? I was kind of thinking of cashew cheese with veggies and crackers to dip in and found this classic cashew cheese, 3 ways that I’ll probably make, but I need more!


3. Speaking of Nia, I need to get better at correcting people when they say her name wrong (they always think we’re saying ‘Mia’). Because if I ever want her to stand up and correct people, I need to make sure I’m doing it, myself! I just haven’t figured out the right way to correct people. It’s actually an ‘N’ in front for Nee-ah! <–Would that work?


4. In prep for getting our place ready for this weekend, I thought after the couch arrived Wednesday, I would start cleaning. It’s funny how dusty things can get in a move, even if they are confined to a u-haul. 



Luckily, I had the opportunity to try out this dusting cloth by e-cloth (through Bloggy Moms Network) and it couldn’t have been a better fit.

Between, it’s positive static charge that attracts the dust and it being chemical-free, I was in green cleaning heaven (or, as close as you can get to it).



When you think of cloths and dust, you kind of just picture smudging the dust around versus the cloth actually picking particles up. But, friends, it really did take that dust and got it out of there!E cloth beforeafter

I think my new adventures in dusting will be revolutionary now. Plus, I should expect another 299 uses out of one cloth before it loses it’s function. Should be enough time for me to become either a pro duster or at least learn to like it a little more. The latter might be a more appropriate fit!


And finally…


5. Happy Black Friday! Are you cashing in on the deals? I did a Target run this morning and that’s that. I’m in the market for a phone case for my new phone, an area rug, and a kitchen table. There’s gotta be a one-stop shop for all that if I go out tonight, right?


I hope all my American friends (me included now?) have an amazing Thanksgiving this weekend!!

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