how i prepare leading up to a race (5k or 10k distance)

Happy huuuuump day! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I was just listening to Oprah Radio the other day and they were talking about how time goes by so much quicker as we get older because we’re more aware of the minutes, hours, days, etc., than we are when we’re kids. So that is very obvious (riiight?), but hearing them say it was my AHA! moment. Being aware of time totally makes sense for why it’s so precious and goes so quickly, and makes me wish I could just not focus on the time!

Ok, so there’s no real way to segue into my next line of topic, so I’ll just switch gears altogether: I want to talk about preparing for upcoming races – the shorter distance ones. I love me some half marathons, but with the local races I recently found, a lot of them are 10k or shorter, which is actually quite fine with me. I like the idea of incorporating more shorter distance runs in the mix because I never ran anything of the sort before my first half marathon.

So, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into how I prepare leading up to a 5 or 10k (and yes, I’d say it’s actually quite different than a half marathon)!

Photo 3


1. I don’t worry as much.

I mean, getting those butterflies before a race is inevitable, but in a lesser way. This definitely has a different impact on how I approach a race. Less butterflies = less worries = less thinking = more fun & realizing it’s an accomplishment no matter what.


2. I don’t put as much pressure on the training. 

It’s way different to train for 5 or 10k than 13.1 miles. Maybe the less worrying (point #1) causes less anxiety on getting out there and running/getting used to running that distance, but on top of that, I actually feel like my body can get me through at least 10k no matter what. This definitely helps when I don’t have the time to train because knowing that I’m strong no matter what helps me keep in mind that I’ll finish the race how I’m suppose to finish the race (and I won’t have regrets because the pressure wasn’t there).


3. I’m more flexible (with runs). 

Especially with a 5k. If I don’t run much leading up to a race, so be it. Or if I do get some good runs/speed work in before it, that’s awesome too. This flexibility really helps (especially with a toddler) because it means I have a more relaxed approach to racing. Plus, I need more flexibility in my life.


4. I keep in perspective the practice I’m getting. 

Maybe part of why I don’t worry as much, don’t put pressure on myself training, and become more flexible with shorter distance races is because I know that with them comes great practice for longer distance races and establish my 5 and 10k times for that training.


I’m actually getting pretty excited for the 5k I entered in this upcoming Saturday, and the reason for this post. I did manage to do a 1.55 miler with the hubby the other day around our neighborhood to warm him up to the 5k, in case he signs up for it too! And the day before that, I did a stroller run with Nia and went 2.25 miles. I figure if I can push a 20+ pound toddler in a stroller at an average of 8:51min/mi, I can definitely shave a few seconds off that time without her!

And, all these runs and races are perfect for us getting stocked back up on Giddy Yoyo chocolate again (we’ve been out for quite some time so we’ve reeeeally missed it!).

IMG 4446

Because post-run chocolate eating is probably the best thing ever. 

Favourite racing distance?

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